Sunday, July 20, 2008

Great Grandma is in town!!!

Great Grandma Ferne was in town last week. We had lots of fun hanging out with her and showing her how much I've grown since the last time she saw me. She was pretty impressed with my walking skills and all my toys. I love Great Grandma and can't wait to see her again over Christmas. We didn't do too much this past weekend as the weather was in the high 90's all week. Mom was working all weekend so me and dad were hanging out together all weekend. I've attached a couple pictures from the weekend. One of them is a picture of me on the neighbors "Green Machine", another is a picture of me looking at my baby pictures (I can't believe I was that small, I'm a big boy now though). Hope you all have a good week...


Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone. What a fun weekend! I had so much fun this weekend that I wish every week was the 4th of July. On Thursday I went to my very first Rockies game. The baseball game was a blast! I got to eat all kinds of snacks and loved all the action of the ballgame. Dad took me to meet "Dinger" but I didn't like him very much. He's really scary looking! The game went extra innings but eventually the Rockies won. I fell asleep in the 9th inning so I missed the end but from what I did see it was a great game. After the game they had fireworks which was really cool to see. On Friday we went swimming with the Lang gang and then that night we went over to the Shaeffer's and watched Fireworks. All the neighbors were outside including Camryn, Jay and Ryan so I got to play with them all night. My babysitter Whitney even brought over my friends Grace-Anne and Ally so I had lots of fun playing with them and showing them my toys. I really like my new babysitter and my new friends Grace-Anne and Ally. That night we went up to the park and watched city fireworks. They were really cool (even better than the Rockies fireworks). By the end of the night I was beat. Back to back nights of staying up till midnight!! Saturday Mom and Dad took me over to Grandma's to watch the golf cart parade. I got to drive around all over the neighborhood in Grandpa's golf cart and had tons of fun. I love being at Grandma and Grandpa's, they let me do whatever I want!! Yesterday Grandpa and Great Grandma Ferne got back in town so they came over to see me. I was really excited to see them, especially Great Grandma cause I haven't saw her in a long time. This week will be fun as we'll be spending lots of time at Grandma and Grandpa's. Hope everyone had a great 4th...